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In France, new electrical installations and complete renovations need to be inspected by an organisation called the "CONSUEL" (COmité National pour la Sécurité des Usagers de l’ ELectricité), before the EDF will give you a permanent supply of electricity.

You will therefore want to be sure that your electrical installation has not only been carried out with care and attention to detail but also complies with the French electrical installation norme NF C 15-100.

Additionally, it is reassuring to know that the people you have entrusted this work to, have your best interests in mind and will bring your attention to any improvements that could benefit your project.

Today, in a modern home, the electrical installation encompasses a lot more than just power and lighting. Telephone, television and computer cabling are all covered by the French regulations. Did you know that the Cote d'Azur and Var areas are also considered as highly vulnerable to electrical storms? It is therefore mandatory to include a lightning arrestor in the distribution board.