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How to open the gates to your property without getting out of the car? Very popular in this region, automatic gates can be operated from a remote control handset which offers the opportunity to start the opening cycle from some distance away (when approaching in a car for example). Other methods of control are key switch, keypad or badge reader, the latter being ideal for allowing staff (such as gardener or pool maintenance persons) access.

Safety issues are covered by having sets of photo electric cells which stop the gates closing should any obstacle (car, person) be present between the gates.

We can supply automatic gate systems (including the gates and pillars themselves) to suit all kinds of driveway topography and style with key ring size remote controls which have the capacity to control other systems of your home.

1. Gate actuator

2. Photoelectric cells for obstacle detection

3. Control unit

4. Flashing light during operation

5. Accessory (key lock, keypad, badge reader)

6. Remote control